Why it's not working

Hint, hint... It is likely one of these five reasons

Flickr photo by ePublicist.

“Why isn’t this working?!” my eldest son asked in a fit of exasperation.

At that moment, I was forced to confront something I already knew - the carpentry gene had skipped my generation.

My Dad was a great carpenter and could build almost anything with ease. I was different. I’ve never had a problem where I thought the answer was to build something myself...not with wood and nails, anyway.

You can imagine my surprise when my son asked me to help him build a p-rail. He’s an avid skater and thought that would be a good idea.

I must have wondered out loud, “don’t they sell those anywhere?”

“Yes, but think what a great bonding opportunity we would have if we built it together,” he said.

He always knows what buttons to push. Now...despite my initial hesitation, I was warming to the bonding idea. That could be fun.

Several hours past the reasonable time to complete his project and after at least four trips to Home Depot, he confronted me. 

“Why isn’t this working?!”

Whether we are trying to improve our photography, master a technique, or launch a business, chances are we have had to ask ourselves the same question.

As I thought about my own experiences, I came up with five reasons. If you have ever been frustrated with your lack of progress on a project or hobby, I’m guessing the culprit is in one of these issues.

 After you've listened tell me what you think in the comments. Do you recognize any of these issues? What stops you? How have you overcome a challenge to improvement? 

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